In December 2018 I had a wonderful opportunity to take a Western Caribbean cruise. As the massive cruise ship moved through the waters of the Caribbean Sea the first portion of scripture that came to mind was “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God. . .” (Psalm 14:1, NASB).

From the ship’s deck I gazed intently at the massive body of water. I was in awe of its beauty. However, I was also mindful of its immense power.
God created the seas (see Psalm 95:5). He can cause them to stir up the wildest tempest, fierce enough to toss ships off course, forceful enough to destroy entire landscapes, cities, towns and sadly it can and has taken numerous lives. It is a force of nature that no man can control.

The same sea that can destroy can help us experience the calm. As I listened to the sound of the gentle waves on the sun kissed body of water, I felt a calming peace rush over my soul. I thought to myself, “I can just stay right here.”

Because Cruises don’t last forever, and we must all return to reality and the normalcy of daily living it is important to find the calm in the routines of life. Life for most of us is busy and fast paced. We deal with stressful situations in the marketplace. We work to develop a healthy equilibrium between work, parenting, caregiving, fun, hobbies, ministry, community involvement and relaxation. There are relationships to foster amongst family, friends and associates. There’s a list of unanswered prayers and unresolved matters of the heart. Considering all of these things, living in the calm can seem out of reach. Yet, our God is there to help us to live in the place that He created. It is a place call Peace.

I am often reminded of the words in Psalm 29:11 “The LORD will give strength to His people; The LORD will bless His people with peace” (NASB). During the challenging times in my life I have often repeated this verse.

Living in the Calm requires that we pursue the God of peace. It requires that we remain faithful and true to Him. Living in the Calm requires that we see Him as the King who sits enthroned over all of creation. Living in the Calm requires that we put God is His rightful place, enthroned over every aspect of our lives.
In this new year and decade cleave to God and to all of the promises found in His life giving and life changing Word. It is in Him and through Him that we experience the calm. And so, my dear friends relax in His presence. He is waiting to meet with you.



©Phyllis A. Clemons 2020, Broken Wing Ministries


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